Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Shortages Are Good!

I am trying to keep an open mind. I really am. But this sort of article, touted by the Venezuelan embassy on Twitter, is tough to swallow (no pun intended). You see, there are food shortages in Venezuela, but that's only because people are eating better. (And this is a switch from denying there are any shortages, or saying shortages exist but blaming the opposition).

Mentioning health improvement is a non sequitur. A healthier population is wonderful, but it strains credulity to suggest Venezuela is eating itself into scarcity. What about the supply side?


Justin Delacour 3:08 PM  

What the title of the article said was "Despite Shortages, Venezuelans Are Eating Better Statistics Say." Whether or not that's true is an empirical question. (Of course, eating more doesn't necessarily mean eating better, as the United States has shown). Shortages do signal problems on the supply side. However, my sense is that you're caricaturing the article's central point when you try to boil it down to "Shortages are good!"

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