Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In Charge in Venezuela

Both Diosdado Cabello and Nicolas Maduro insist that the latter is not taking any authority himself. Instead, Maduro is simply acting on the orders of the president.

Maduro cited a clause in the constitution that says the vice president may present reports to the legislature if asked to do so by the president.

‘‘Nicolas didn’t come to take the place of the president. He came to bring the documents ... under instructions from the president,’’ Cabello told reporters.

So now we have to consider what constitutes "instructions." Indeed, what does it mean to be in charge? As yet, there is no evidence that Hugo Chavez is conscious. His brother said he was conscious and communicating, yet for some strange reason he does not communicate with the Venezuelan people, and does not sign documents either.

What a strange political limbo. The government goes on as if Chavez were just on vacation, railing on the opposition for even suggesting this is out of the ordinary. But if Chavez is not conscious, who is in charge?


Defensores de Democracia 8:15 PM  

Mr Weeks

Thanks for Important Information on Venezuela.


I can not write Great or Intelligent Political Ideas about Venezuela.

But I have heard small gossip from small people that is extremely destructive of Chavez Projects and of Chavismo :

"How come that in Colombia you can get all Venezuelan Products ( Agricultural or Industrial ) but in Venezuela they are scarce and rationed ??

Because of Rationing and control of prices. Corruption inside the Venezuelan Government.


How come that in Colombia you can get cheap Venezuelan gasoline if exporting it has been always forbidden by Chavez ??

Answer : The "Guardia Nacional" of Venezuela has this business of smuggling it into Colombia.


Another small person says ( many persons )

When I emigrated from Colombia into Venezuela in ( about 1970, 1975, 1980 ) I was dazzled by a richer, more modern and more prosperous country. Colombia was very backward compared to Venezuela.

Now the opposite is true and you return to the original Colombia that seems more prosperous and modern.


Note : This is small gossip and not statistics of a Great Organization. But the Economist Magazine of Britain says that Colombia has a better standard of living.

How is that possible if Venezuela is a sea of oil, and Colombia in not so richly endowed ??

Vicente Duque


SwampNigger 11:36 AM  

Greg, given the lying and terror perpetuates by your government, your servile and smarmy, hostile and abject focus on any Latin American movement and government that calls you out on your crimes is so predictable.

That most 'educated' US citizens are not even marginally informed about US crimes in the Americas---well, this puts the shameful game into context and appropriate relief.

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