Thursday, June 04, 2015

Jim Luers, Man of Mystery

Via Caracas Chronicles: what a great story. The Venezuelan government invented a White House spokesman named Jim Luers, who denied the allegations against Diosdado Cabello. But no such person exists.

Until now on Twitter! I saw that @RealJimLuers started following me, which then made me wonder who this was, given his title is listed as "White House Spokesman and FBI Agent for the Western Hemisphere."  Nice! He is "deeply offended by allegations that I do not exist." His photo also looks exactly like the Secretary of the Treasury.

Telesur's Facebook page triumphantly talks about him (with lots of triumphant comments) but interestingly the link to their own website no longer works. I don't know how made him up and I don't know who's tweeting, but thanks for the entertainment.

Update: he has a blog too!


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