Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Russia and Backyards

The Russian Foreign Minister says paying attention to Latin America isn't a jab at the United States.

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrovsaid Russia's ties with Latin American countries have long historic roots and are based on common economic interests. 
Asked whether Russia was trying to boost ties with Latin American countries in response to the U.S. building up ties with Ukraine and other ex-Soviet republics, Lavrov said "we aren't supporting the concept of backyards and aren't following that logic."
If you believe that, I have some Siberian beachfront property to sell you. Whatever "long historic roots" Russia (really meaning the Soviet Union) has, they've been based on ideology, not economic interests. And Vladimir Putin is absolutely obsessed with the backyard principle, just as the United States is. Five years ago when Putin came to Latin America, Pravda proudly asserted that Russia was displacing the United States and creating a new geopolitical order.


Alfredo 8:00 PM  

Maybe my math is wrong but seems to me that the article states that Putin made the moves for better ties with LA 5 years ago. That predates the Ukrainian crisis by about 4 years. So the minister should have indicated that better ties with LA has nothing to do with the Ukrainian situation, Russia started that 5 years before.

Greg Weeks 9:59 AM  

I don't think it really matters. Before Ukraine there was the "backyard" issue of NATO. He's making it all up anyway...

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