Thursday, June 11, 2015

Rousseff Criticizes U.S. Sanctions

In a speech to EU leaders, Dilma Rousseff spoke specifically about U.S. sanctions against Venezuela.

"We Latin American and Caribbean nations will not permit unilateral measures aimed at promoting a coup, nor policies aimed at isolation. We know that such measures are counterproductive, ineffective and unjust. As such, we reject the adoption of any kind of sanction against Venezuela," Rousseff said.

Three points:

First, as I've said before, these sanctions are counterproductive, primarily because they make it more difficult for Latin American presidents to criticize Nicolás Maduro.

Second, even while saying that, Rousseff is pursuing improved relations with the United States, so we should not overstate the effects.

Third, Maduro did not attend the meeting, which I would've thought was right up his alley. He tweeted instead. He also cancelled a scheduled meeting with the Pope. So what gives?


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