Friday, June 05, 2015

Mainstream Media and Rafael Correa

There's a short discussion about Rafael Correa at The Nation. The upshot is that he's not Hugo Chávez, he's not a typical populist, and he's one of the most popular presidents around. He is, however, extremely (and now famously) thin skinned.

We need to see more of this sort of realization in the mainstream media, which has drummed populism and "bad left" characterizations into the public for many years. We're seeing Venezuela implode, but that's not the case elsewhere. There is no leftist bloc. Instead, we're seeing presidents juggle capitalism and social democracy in ways that don't resemble Venezuela at all.


Greg Davis 12:40 PM  

Is he not a typical populist because of his technocratic style of governance? Populist for the 21st century, perhaps?

Greg Weeks 12:55 PM  

That could be one way of looking at it. I just keep getting keeping the impression that he is more willing to step on constituent toes than, say, Maduro is.

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