Wednesday, July 12, 2006

All Star game

I figured I would post about the All Star game, maybe even address Matthew's post on AL dominance. Then Trevor Hoffman, the sole Padre on the squad, and in my opinion the second best Padre of all time (first, of course, is Tony Gwynn) blew the game in the ninth. So I'm not in the mood.


MSS 3:36 PM  

I have to say that Trevor's performance generated one of the most (the most?) exciting All Star Game endings in history!

Pretty good game: Penny's first inning, Vlad somehow hitting a 98 MPH shoulder-high outside fastball from Penny for an opposite-field homer, and the throw by Vernon Wells.

But has an ASG ever turned around with two out and none on in the 9th? I don't think so.

MSS 3:37 PM  

By the way, what about Winflield?

Greg Weeks 4:48 PM  

Friar Faithful (see my blogroll) has been doing a countdown of the best 100 Padres, but has stalled somewhere around 80.

Winfield is up there, but his major exploits were with other teams, whereas Gwynn and Hoffman are setting their records mostly (or entirely) in Padre uniforms, and contributed to World Series appearances. In the Winfield category I would also put people like Ozzie Smith, Goose Gossage, and Gaylord Perry.

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