Monday, July 03, 2006

Mexican presidential election

We're going to have a tense few days, especially if AMLO and Calderón don't each back off their insistence that they won.

From the NYT:

Mr. López Obrador said at a downtown hotel he would respect the decision of the election institute even if he lost by one vote. Yet in the same breath he maintained he was convinced he had won by 500,000 votes. "This result is irreversible," he said.

Appearing before supporters a few minutes later at his party headquarters, Mr. Calderón rattled off the results of several surveys of voters leaving the polls and counts of key districts that showed he had won. "There is not the slightest doubt that we have won the election," he said.

A key aspect of democracy is losing well. Thus far we aren't seeing any signs of it.


Anonymous,  4:45 PM  

Lopez Obrador is at best delusional. The best sign of who won the election is to look at the markets. Both the peso and the Mexican stock market were way up today on the election news. Financial markets are rarely incorrect in evaluating the outcomes of elections.

Greg Weeks 11:27 AM  

Gotta say I don't buy either one--given the history of Mexican voting fraud, claiming you won is hardly diplomatic, but not delusional. As for financial markets, they reflect issues other than just who might have won--they also bet on whether there is be instability. So we might conclude that investors feel that the issue will be resolved amicably.

MSS 6:29 PM  

Well, when there is no result, there can be no loser, so we have not yet had a test of 'losing well.'

Greg Weeks 12:11 AM  

True, though I was talking about initial signs. I've just returned from a vacation hanging out with family, with only brief internet forays, so I'll need to catch up.

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