Monday, July 10, 2006

Minor league baseball

One thing I really enjoy is going to minor league baseball games. Last night we saw the Kannapolis Intimidators (Single A for the White Sox) lose to the Greenville Drive. Kannapolis is a small town just north of Charlotte (and hurting from the disappearance of textile jobs). In what seemed like the perfect example of small town minor league ball in NC, a woman behind us kept my son occupied for long periods of time, teaching him in a soft southern accent to shell peanuts.

For the first time, I actually recognized a player’s name at a Single A game. We see this overweight lefty come up, and hear that his name is Fernando Valenzuela Jr. Maybe he should’ve become a pitcher like his dad, because now he is just a short first basemen who doesn't seem to have much power. Interestingly, he was sent here after being in the Padres organization.


MSS 2:20 PM  

I did not realize the Padres had given up on Fernandito. I saw him two years ago at Lake Elsinore (Calif. League). He had a very high average that year, but no power. It was hard to see how he could be a serious first-base prospect.

At least at the level of talent in the Mexican Pacific League (which must be somewhat higher than A ball), dad is still the better ballplayer.

Greg Weeks 4:01 PM  

Given that he is almost 24, still being in A ball (in fact, Kannapolis is listed as "low A") is not a good sign.

MSS 3:38 PM  

Yes, Kannapolis would be "lower" A than Lake Elsinore, where he was two years ago.

He's toast.

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