Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mexican election saga

After being on vacation, I am slowly catching up. Michelle has a nice graph showing the narrowing gap between AMLO and Calderon, but it appears AMLO has under 200,000 fewer votes than Calderon, and will be calling for a recount. He has also called for a rally on Saturday.

Annoying note. An article in the Washington Post proclaims:

Mexican See-Saw Tips Towards Calderón
Trailing by 100th of a Percent, Obrador Stirs Fears of Violence

Yet in the article there is no mention of violence, or any reason that fear of it might be stirred. This entire “AMLO is a leftist and therefore automatically prone to violence” is getting old. I can’t say there won’t be violence, but let’s have a little evidence at least.


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