Saturday, July 22, 2006

Mercosur and Venezuela

Venezuela is now a member of Mercosur, which will set in motion all sorts of interrelated dynamics. For example:

--Mercosur is now officially backing Venezuela for the UN Security Council seat.

--there will be a lot of hand wringing in the U.S. about this "leftist" bloc (wait for all the editorials), but presidents of Mercosur countries are all very different. There will be serious jockeying to determine Mercusour's orientation.

--Mercosur will likely become a very political organization, which it never has been.

--There will be immediate efforts--mostly on the part of Brazil and Venezuula--to become the de facto leader of the organization. Both Chávez and Lula view their countries, and themselves, as regional leaders. I wonder whether either can accept sharing. Kirchner could very well also be in the mix.

--Mercosur has the opportunity to achieve real benefits for its member citizens, and to be a counterbalance to U.S. influence, but because of the above issues will face the threat of constant squabbling and disastrous infighting.


Anonymous,  11:32 AM  

I think that you're right about the constant squabbling and infighting within Mercosur. It has a lot of potential but these leaders don't seem to understand the concept of compromise.

BTW, you have an interesting blog. I enjoy reading your insights.

Greg Weeks 6:24 PM  

Thanks for reading.

Anonymous,  12:29 PM  

with Chavez in the Mercosur isn`t this going to be hard on America`s trade? Will he be able to talk the others into stopping their trade ?Or will he become the pirate of the trade boat?

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