Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Baseball in Chile

From the Santiago Times, a story I would never expect because it includes "Chile" and "baseball" in the same headline. The U.S. ambassador along with former MLB pitcher Elias Sosa are promoting baseball programs for children in Chile. A major challenge is to get fields built where poorer children can get to them. The bigger challenge is just to get people interested in it. I do not think I have ever met a Chilean with the slightest interest in baseball, but this is a start.


Anonymous,  8:33 PM  

They should have picked a player who would have better links with Chile. Chili Davis comes to mind. Or "Don" Francisco Rodriguez. Or Pinky "O" Higgins (managed the Red Sox in the 1950s).

When the Padres move a 3 game series to Santiago, then I'll get excited. Until then.....

Greg Weeks 9:06 PM  

Marmaduque "Lefty" Grove? Carlos Lee Ibáñez? Joaquín Andujar Lavín?

boz 10:05 PM  

When I lived in Santiago, I was surprised to find the number of Chileans playing ultimate frisbee and managed to join a weekly league. But you're right, I don't think I ever met a Chilean who played baseball.

Experimentador 11:57 PM  

I don´t think there´s baseball in Chile. However, they do have something called "Béisbol", as we can see here.

Greg Weeks 7:46 AM  

I stand corrected--that's awesome. The history link says that it was Japanese who generated some interest in Chile. I never would've guessed.

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