Saturday, April 14, 2007

Charlotte Racefest half marathon

We ran a half marathon this morning, which went well. It was crowded, so especially with the jogger stroller we were packed in until almost mile 2. This particular course has some really tough hills, which with the stroller sometimes slowed me practically to a fast walk. The last stretch to the finish line is also uphill. Fortunately, though, they had some very cold beer available--after you've run a long distance, a beer hits the spot even when it's about 10 a.m.


boz 5:30 AM  

Congrats. I'm aiming for a ten miler or half marathon in the fall. Gives me a good goal for the summer.

Fortunately, I get to do it without the stroller.

Greg Weeks 9:00 AM  

There are some great races here in the fall as well, which is my favorite time of year for running. And especially for those long races, it is a really good feeling crossing the finish line.

Anonymous,  5:11 PM  

What is it with Political Scientists and running? Or maybe I'm just generalizing from the population of UNC's dept...

I ran in h.s. but only run occasionally b/c my knees can't take too much.


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