Friday, April 27, 2007

U.S. "intelligence" and Bolivia

Here’s some more on U.S. “intelligence.” The U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy issued a report that coca production in Bolivia in 2006 was not more than in 2005.

But there's a catch. Since the U.S. government expected coca production to go up after Evo Morales took office, it is now saying it doubts its own numbers, and is convinced that production must be going up even in the total absence of evidence.


Justin Delacour 2:28 PM  

No surprises here. Drug-war certification is no more than a political bargaining tool. Regardless of what's happening on the ground in Bolivia, the U.S. government will inevitably call Morales' drug war credentials into question as a means of discrediting his leftist administration, isolating it, and pressuring it to do what the U.S. government wants.

The White House has pulled the same crap with Venezuela. The Clinton Administration did the same thing with Samper in Colombia.

This isn't about drugs. It's about the White House's realpolitik, which is very dirty and very simple.

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