Monday, April 16, 2007

Update on Bachelet and Chávez

It seems Hugo Chávez realized it wasn't in his best interest to put Michelle Bachelet in a difficult position, as he apologized to her:

“President Bachelet, I am very sorry if my statements caused problems,” said Chávez during his personal Sunday television show, ‘Aló Presidente.’ “I ask your forgiveness, but Venezuela is Venezuela and Chávez is Chávez. I am obliged to defend Venezuela’s sovereignty. … My statements had nothing at all to do with Chile’s government. I referred to, and I still refer to Chile’s Senate, which has nothing to do with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and its sovereign decisions.”

The two presidents will be meeting at the energy summit, and I'd guess his apology will smooth things over. There's no reason to alienate potential allies.


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