Saturday, April 28, 2007

Immigration and Satan

Thanks to Carlos, a reader who emailed me this news story that finally explains immigration. All along, I had been thinking about demography, economic factors, political factors, family and social connections, and the like, but that was all a huge waste of time. What in fact is the root of the issue? According to a Utah state representative, it’s Satan.

See, Satan wants to create a New World Order, and undocumented immigration is the devil’s work, “insidious for its stealth and innocuousness” as a “stealth invasion.” This issue will be addressed this weekend at the Utah County Republican Convention. According to the representative, if Satan attacks, then you must respond, in this case by building a wall.

So if any of you out there have had any service involving undocumented immigrants, you have in fact partaken of satanic ritual.


Anonymous,  1:48 AM  

This may be my favorite post yet!

Fictious characters are such an easy scape goat.

Happy May Day!


Greg Weeks 5:34 PM  

Michael, nice to hear from you. Saying Satan is fictitious might get you in a heap of trouble in Utah...

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