Friday, June 15, 2007

Chavez is going to invade Aruba

So says an Op-Ed in the Houston Chronicle. He might also invade Colombia, Curacao and Bonaire. The author uses the Malvinas war as a clumsy parallel.


boz 10:18 AM  

Sadly, this is only the second strangest op-ed the Chronicle has published about Chavez. They once let a guy write that Chavez's friendship with Iran was so that he could aim nuclear armed missiles at Florida.

Anonymous,  11:50 AM  

Comedy. What strategic value does Aruba have to Venezuela? Casinos? Resort hotels? Maybe he wants to finally solve the Natalie Holloway case?

I will give the author an ounce of credit though - if Chavez actually decided to do this, Venezuela probably would be victorious. The Dutch are famous for many things (windmills, Dutch Boy, legal use of drugs, etc), but a fierce military is not on that list.

Justin Delacour 12:10 PM  

How can a major U.S. newspaper find it credible to print such garbage?

Greg Weeks 12:37 PM  

I don't know anything about the paper, but I assume it is some combination of ignorance, editorial carelessness, and anti-chavismo.

Camilo Pino 7:16 PM  

The story is a riot.

To be frank it doesn't surprise me that they printed it. They do it all the time, I mean, publish rubbish.

Greg Weeks 9:31 AM  

My first impression was also amusement, though at the same time this is the sort of thing that the average person will read and think is accurate. It's hard enough to debate about Chavez based on what he's actually doing, so wild speculation makes things worse.

Boli-Nica 6:23 PM  

OMG..this is silly....and this from a major US Daily. Mirror image of the stuff that the 21st Century Stupidists and their fellow travellers in the western world scribble about in their journals.

Chavez in fact has saber-rattled against the Dutch, but then again he saber rattles, and just plain talks trash about everyone.
He knows better.This is a guy who was "defeated twice" by his own army, as one wag put it. Don't think he has enough trust in his own military to try this. Attacking the Dutch.. means attacking NATO.and the US the source of most of his petrodollars. Colombia? The Colombians are tough and battle tested, they would kick his butt.

Greg Weeks 10:42 AM  

I hadn't read about him threatening the Dutch--the fact that it did not become news must mean it was very off hand.

Boli-Nica 5:31 PM  

Chavez has made comments in previous years about "re-uniting"
w/the Dutch islands. Venezuelan planes have violated their airspace, , to the point that the Dutch deployed a squadron of F-16's to the area, and IIRC even complained to the European Union.
But like I said, he talks trash about just everything and everyone.

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