Friday, June 01, 2007

Trader Jack

Thanks to Geoff at Ducksnorts for linking to this interview with Jack McKeon. I had to chuckle at his appraisal of the increased use of statistics in baseball:

We're playing New York, and Tom Glavine is pitching against us. I had an executive call to ask me who was catching, and I told him Pudge. He asked if I knew that Redmond was hitting .780 against Glavine. I said I didn't give a shit; I don’t care what he’s hitting--Pudge is my catcher. So what happens? Pudge hits a two-run homer in the first inning and we win 2-0.

I have a soft spot for Trader Jack because he put together the 1984 Padres. I was so excited about that season that I got my parents to get tickets for opening night, where we beat the Pirates 5-1. Thinking of relievers and the Hall of Fame, note that Goose Gossage pitched two innings even without a save opportunity. Here is Kevin McReynolds running out his homer:


Michelle 11:26 PM  

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