Saturday, June 23, 2007

Golden rules of the metro

A few days ago, when I put more money on my Bip! card (the Transantiago card) I was given a little paper case for the card, and on the back were the ten “Golden Rules of the Good Metropolitan." Here are the basic rules of Metro life, my translation:

1. I am tolerant and I wait my turn
2. I show sympathy toward and help others
3. I always have a positive attitude
4. I give up my seat to those who need it
5. I follow the Metro’s instructions
6. I let others off before I get on
7. I stay on the right on the walkway
8. I use the stairs without running
9. I keep my Metro clean
10. I put more money on my card ahead of time

Shoot, I think with two young kids I may post this in my house. Just a few tweaks. On #5, replace “the Metro” with “Mom & Dad.” On #9, replace “Metro” with “room.” I’m not sure about #10.


Greg Weeks 9:05 AM  

I wonder how many people pay attention to such things...

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