Monday, June 11, 2007


A question now in Chile is whether former President Lagos should come and provide testimony to the congressional commission investigating Transantiago. He has said he is willing. This would suit the Bachelet administration, which surely would like him to share the blame for the design.

My initial impression here is that the general idea is solid. Anyone who has been in Chile remembers the confusing system of yellow smoke-belching buses, which has now been replaced by larger, more fuel efficient buses. You buy your fares ahead of time and the system appears much more efficient. I took the metro today, which was no more crowded than before, suggesting the kinks are getting worked out (I haven’t yet taken a bus but of course see them everywhere).

Bachelet will probably not live down the anger generated by the initial chaos, but if they get the financing figured out, I think this could be beneficial for santiaguinos.


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