Sunday, June 03, 2007

Republicans and immigration

The NYT has a pretty good discussion of how Bush’s push for immigration reform is making waves in the Republican Party. Unfortunately, the article doesn’t provide any numbers. I’d like to see breakdowns about exactly which Republicans favor or don’t favor the proposal (age, gender, religion, residence, etc.).

Also, Shannon O’Neil published an Op-Ed in the Washington Post about how the debate needs to address demography and also bureaucratic capacity, as our immigration institutions are notoriously overworked and underperforming. I'd say the debate over bureaucratic capacity should extend to Mexico as well, since its government has to assist in the process.

The heat is on next week.


Shannon 10:06 AM  

I agree that Mexico's own immigration administration needs to be brought into the process. While there is still a long way to go, Mexico's government has been beefing up its consular presence in the United States to aid in this and other processes.

Whatever the letter of the law, if the underlying infrastructure on both sides of the border doesn't work, immigration reform will fail.

Greg Weeks 2:47 PM  

That's true. On the Mexican side, I was thinking more in terms of the NYT article about corruption within Mexico itself, which is in the context of a very small temporary worker program.

Camilo Pino 11:28 PM  

Just came back from a forum on organized by The Economist in Mexico city. Two days of analysis about the country. Not a single time anyone mentioned inmigration until the last day, when one of the presenters, in a q and a session, expressed his surprise about this (the fact that no one mentioned inmigration). Looks like Mexicans see the inmigration legislation as something that they cannot affect at all, and also like a purely American problem. The current administration has obviously other priorities.

Greg Weeks 7:01 AM  

Weren't remittances mentioned? If not, the discussions about economic growth weren't complete.

It is an unfortunate luxury, though, for the Mexican government to view immigration solely as foreign policy, thus absolving itself.

Camilo Pino 7:05 AM  

They were mentioned, several times, as a given income source, but that was it.

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