Monday, October 01, 2007

163rd game

The Padres had two games left, and all we needed to do was win one to reach the playoffs. Trevor blew one to T. Gwynn Jr. and then Brett Tomko lost yesterday. If you need to rely on Brett Tomko then you know you’re screwed…

Tonight we play a one-game playoff against the Rockies and Jake Peavy will pitch, which at least makes me feel a bit better (a fun side note is that he will be going for his 20th win, which would be the Padres’ first since Gaylord Perry in 1978). The problem, however, is that if we win, then he won’t be ready again quickly because he struggles on three days of rest. In two games this year, his ERA was 8.10.

On the bright side, the Mets are out of it, and the Giants finished last.


M.Noble 9:25 AM  

Even better.If Peavy were to win tonight and give up less than 20 earned runs while collecting 5 or more strikeouts he lead or tie all three triple crown categories and win the triple crown-first NL since R.Johnson '02. That is if these stats are part of the regular season as I think they are.

Greg Weeks 9:31 AM  

Hi Mark--nice to hear from you. Yes, the stats will count, and Peavy has the Cy Young locked up!

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