Friday, October 19, 2007

Latin America and Islamic terrorism

Steven Taylor at Poliblog has a good discussion of the latest U.S. military claim about how Latin America is a hotbed of Islamic terrorism. He cites an article I published last year about how the U.S. suddenly found terrorism everywhere in Latin America after 9/11 and every so often we’re told there’s more. The U.S. government does a pretty good job of finding Islamic terrorists everywhere it looks (they’re smuggling nukes from Mexico across the Arizona desert, etc.).

One unfortunate result is that such talk accumulates and becomes a rationale for intervention of some kind. Another unfortunate result is that, like the boy who cried wolf, in the unlikely event there ever is a real threat no one will believe it.

Coincidentally, the CIA is honoring one of its dismally failed past efforts to intervene by hanging on oil painting depicting the Bay of Pigs invasion.

''The fact that the overall [Bay of Pigs] operation didn't achieve its objectives in no way diminishes the lasting example of courage of those who risked -- and in some cases gave -- their lives to support it,'' agency spokesman George Little said of the Bay of Pigs painting.

Titled Lobo Flight, the 40- by 30-inch painting shows a vintage B-26 twin engine bomber flown by Connie Seigrist -- the lead pilot of a convoy of B-26s painted to look like Cuban aircraft -- dropping bombs onto a column of Cuban troops heading to the beach, where a group of CIA-trained Cuban exiles had landed to attempt to overthrow Castro.

Perhaps this is part of an exhibit entitled “Ways in Which We’ve Made Our Enemies Stronger by Attacking Them.” Or maybe part of the “How Overheated Rhetoric Leads to Disastrous Invasions” series.


Tambopaxi 5:27 AM  

Ji, ji, or perhaps, "If Only We Had Stayed the Course, This Democratic Initiative Would Have Worked", series....

Boli-Nica 1:08 PM  

depicting the Bay of Pigs invasion. “How

The Bay of Pigs was a mess because of the CIA believing its own faulty intelligence and pressing forward, with no one from two administrations - including other agencies and military- stepping in to take a hard look. The mission took a life of its own, bad intel and faulty planning included.Kinda like Iraq in a way.

As far as the painting this was a Cold War battle, fought to depose a Marxist-Leninist tyrant, (by 60, it was clear where Fidel was going). These men deserve to be honored.
The Brigade Members and CIA contract workers fought fiercely, defending the beachhead against overwhelming force, many only giving up because they ran out of ammo.

Unknown 5:05 AM  

Actually, the CIA never did anything that the JFK administration didn't ask it to do. The failure of the Bay of Pigs is with JFK and JFK alone, and if you studied the history in detail like I have, you would understand it was a failure of a very young inexperienced president, not because of the CIA and it's "faulty" plans.

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