Monday, October 01, 2007

Revista Diplomacia, Estratégia e Política

I’ve been receiving an interesting journal, Revista Diplomacia, Estratégia e Política, put out by the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I’m not sure how I got on the mailing list, but I see it is also free online and so I thought I would call attention to it. It can be read in Spanish, Portuguese, or English.

It is policy oriented, with diverse speeches and analyses by Latin American public figures. The current issue includes Chávez, Correa, Uribe, and even includes a speech by Cristina Kirchner. In addition, it has an article on Mercosur by Luis Alberto Lacalle, a former Uruguayan president, who laments Argentina’s behavior (of course) and the introduction of politics into an economic agreement.

For those interested in current events and policy, it’s worth a look.


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