Saturday, October 20, 2007

Lake Norman 15K

This morning I ran the Lake Norman 15K, pushing my son Ben. This has become my favorite race of the year—the weather is almost always perfect (clear and comfortably cool), there’s nice scenery, and the hills aren’t too bad. Ben started getting a bit bored, but I had promised him we’d go to his favorite restaurant—IHOP—so during various parts of the run he talked about which syrups he would use in which order.


Justin Delacour 12:35 PM  

Well, what do we have here? Washington's bad boy du jour wearing a brown shirt as he chats it up with an oh-so-radical former chief economist of the World Bank??

Does big bad Hugo pass the Greg Weeks fashion test? Is he mixing it up enough for you, professor?

Or is this now a sign of Hugo's turn toward the dark side of the "brown shirts"?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Greg Weeks 12:55 PM  

Cool--he read my blog. Maybe we can take him off the list.

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