Monday, October 29, 2007


I got an email from Jeb Sprague, who has a blog (PopDem) focusing largely on Latin America and Haiti, with links to other blogs he writes for that focus exclusively on Haiti, so I thought I would pass that along. His "about me" says he is a graduate student and a writer, though I don't see where he is graduate studenting (if that's a word).


Anonymous,  10:27 AM  

"Latin America and Haiti."

Isn't Haiti part of Latin America? I mean, French derives from Latin, non?

(Yes, the term, 'Latin America,' has always bugged me. It gets even trickier when we get to the British colonial territories that share the region, does it not?)

Greg Weeks 12:30 PM  

Since the blogger in question is particularly interested in Haiti, I felt compelled to make that more prominent. But yes, the term "Latin America" has always been problematic. Even subregions like the "southern cone" aren't used consistently.

Anonymous,  2:24 AM  

The popdem blog has been moved. It is now at:

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