Sunday, October 19, 2008

Immigration enforcement: recession proof

When I taught a senior seminar on immigration and politics a few years ago, some of my students joked they were looking at the Border Patrol, since it might be the fastest growing employer anywhere. Now, from an article in the Wall Street Journal it appears that ICE Air is the way to go:

While U.S. airlines downsize and scrimp on amenities, one carrier is offering its passengers leather seats, ample legroom and free food. But frequent fliers probably don't want a ticket on what may be the fastest growing "airline" serving Central America.

The article does not get specifically into the total budget, but says it costs the government $620 per person, and last fiscal year it deported 76,102 people. That is a total of $47,183,240.

Unfortunately, in general the article is very fluffy (do I care whether the bologna sandwich tasted good?) and fails even to ask the most important question: how many of these people are likely to get back into the United States in the near future? I cannot pinpoint a percentage, but I have to believe it is substantial.

If you really want to feel ill, just read the comments after the article.


Anonymous,  4:53 PM  

Many years ago I remember a news cartoon that showed a number of Native Americans watching the Mayflower pulling into what was to become Plymouth, MA.

One of the native Americans said to the other, "Maybe if we refuse to educate their children, they'll go away."

Greg Weeks 7:51 AM  

Or maybe impose fines on anyone found to be providing thanksgiving feasts to illegal aliens...

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