Friday, October 03, 2008

The VP debate and Latin America

Unless I missed something quickly, the only reference to Latin America during the debate was from Sarah Palin, who continued the line about Obama saying he was open to dialogue with adversaries, such as the "Castro brothers."

The McCain campaign clearly believes this is a winning argument, because it gets repeated over and over. But does it resonate? The Havana Note reports a recent poll showing 60 percent of likely voters believe we need to revise our policy toward Cuba. Support for the embargo is eroding over time, and I have cited many Republicans who think our current policy is a failure.

McCain and Palin need to convince voters in the middle, but I really wonder whether those voters agree that it is a bad idea to meet with people like Raúl Castro.


boz 9:03 AM  

Hey, that's my poll :)

Greg Weeks 5:02 PM  

Ah, I see--I actually posted and then have been gone since, so I didn't even see it.

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