Saturday, October 11, 2008

State sponsors of terrorism

The Bush administration has taken North Korea off the list. Can anyone say, without giggling or avoiding eye contact, that Cuba is more of a terrorist threat than North Korea?


boz 3:41 PM  

Well, I could probably say it, but that's because North Korea wasn't much of a "terrorist sponsoring" threat themselves.

NK is a nuclear threat, human rights violator, starving it's own people, funding counterfeiting and drug operations, and creating a mess of regional diplomacy, but not really sponsoring terrorism.

The fact the NK government could "trade" nuclear inspections for its place on the state sponsor of terrorism list is the real sign of what a joke the list is. Either a state is sponsoring terrorism or they're not. You shouldn't be able to trade your way on and off that list through unrelated good or bad actions.

Greg Weeks 3:54 PM  

I'm happy to apply such a label to a country that does all of those things. Or we can change it from "state sponsor" to "state participant" in terrorism.

But yes, the overall point is that the regime has not stopped doing any of those things, and now the label is lifted.

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