Wednesday, October 22, 2008

McCain almost bombed Cuba, my friends

The latest rhetorical inanity is the Biden/McCain exchange about the Kennedy administration. Biden, who has kept amazingly quiet thus far, said enemies would test Obama immediately, just like they did Kennedy, but he has "steel in his spine," perhaps not unlike Doctor Octopus. Anyhow, McCain took the opportunity to say that in the midst of the Cuban Missile Crisis, he almost bombed Cuba long before he wanted to bomb Iran, thus demonstrating that he has been "tested."

So what to make of all this? It is entirely possible that some country would test Obama, but as Angus points out, Biden's message came out very weird. As for McCain, he doesn't ever explain what the outcome of the Near-Bomb Experience test was.

Maybe we just need the Canadians to put it all into perspective. The National Post's headline about the story is:

"McCain reminds voters how (very) old he is"


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