Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Anecdotal accounts of return migration

A week ago I wrote about anecdotal accounts of immigrants leaving the U.S., but then also possibly staying. A statement by Mexico's Undersecretary for North Affairs Affairs points in the latter direction, as he says that there is no major return of Mexican migrants.

It's all guesswork--it is good not to be too lulled into conventional wisdom (namely, that people are leaving because of the economy and enforcement) based on scattered news stories.


Anonymous,  10:16 AM  

I heard the same thing from another high ranking Mexican official in early December. The question is, where are all of those folks going, if not home?

Greg Weeks 11:14 AM  

They key here is that, like always, people *are* returning, but just not in the massive numbers suggested in the media.

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