Sunday, December 28, 2008

Obama and Cuba

According to the Telegraph, an unnamed Latin America adviser to Obama says that travel restrictions to Cuba will be lifted "fairly quickly."

An adviser to Mr Obama said: "Cubans will be less dependent on the state for money and they will have greater contact with their relatives in the US. That can only aid understanding." Those changes require only a presidential order. The adviser said: "He could do it on day one. Obama has a lot on his plate with the economy so Cuba will not be top of his list but I'd expect it to happen fairly quickly."

Remember that this is not related to the laws that govern the embargo, which requires congressional action. Nonetheless, it would be a step in the right direction.


John McAuliff 10:26 PM  

The new President must use his authority to allow non-tourist travel without regard to ethnicity or national origin.

The Cuban people will benefit at least as much from his allowing in a non-discriminatory fashion all twelve categories of non-tourist travel: family (Cuban American), education, humanitarian, religious, culture, sports and "support for the Cuban people".

Urge he do so at

Anonymous,  12:59 AM  

Everyone should be allowed to travel freely to Cuba. We must practice what we demand of Cuba. Ideally our new president will take the mature posture and take all the actions toward creating a free democratic relationship with Cuba. it's time we eliminate any excuse Cuba's government may have about their actions. Our own embargo against Cuba has only helped keep Castro in power. Luis Moro, EveryThingCUBA-com

Anonymous,  6:03 PM  

So maybe people will be able to visit me next semester. It'd be crazy to be there when travel restrictions are lifted. We shall see.

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