Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Is the mighty falling?

Support for Alvaro Uribe getting a third presidential term has plummeted, from 74% in July to 54% now. Disapproval of the idea shot up from 22% to 41%. He has always remained cagey about the possibility, but this doesn't help.

The fallout from the pyramid scheme collapse is hurting him badly, a situation that includes violence, corruption, billions of lost dollars, and even his sons. The main criticism aimed at Uribe is that he responded to the disaster too slowly (perhaps hanging around George W. Bush too much?). The most recent approval rating I see is at 66%, which is obviously still very high but a drop for Uribe. Reuters has a good summary of the situation, which includes the latest joke:

Now the initiative languishes in Congress, inspiring a recent newspaper cartoon picturing Uribe in a coffin labeled "reelection". "What happened?" one character asks. "A pyramid fell on him," says another.


boz 7:58 AM  

When we were contemplating things that could take Uribe's approval down a few years ago, I don't think anyone had "pyramid scandal" at the top of their list.

Greg Weeks 11:53 AM  

It made me think of the Chilean election next year. Things look sewn up, but you never know what might happen.

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