Sunday, December 14, 2008

More voices against current Cuba policy

An Op-Ed by Lawrence Wilkerson and Patrick Doherty. Wilkerson was Colin Powell's Chief of Staff and became a critic of the Bush administration after the infamous Colin Powell moment at the UN. They are at the New America Foundation. They argue that our Cuba policy is an obstacle to normal relations with Latin America more generally, and offer three ambitious and specific proposals:

  • End the travel ban
  • Convince Congress to amend Helms-Burton to put decisions back into the executive branch
  • Sign an executive order to help Cubans hit by hurricanes
There is a major shift underway on Cuba policy that is quite remarkable to watch. We are getting close to a point where the need for an overhaul is close to conventional wisdom. I've never seen so many Op-Eds and columns like this, which may serve as a foundation for the Obama administration to get things through Congress.


King Politics 7:28 PM  

I've never quite understood how America is supposed to be a "free" country yet it prohibits where its citizens can travel.

Anonymous,  8:04 PM  

Wilkerson has long been one of the guys on the right side of this issue. He was once quoted as saying that it was the "stupidest policy on the face of the earth."

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