Monday, December 15, 2008

Bad news for Padres fans

We are coming off a 99 loss season and are currently trimming payroll in a big way (though we have not yet been able to shop Jake Peavy). Now it seems John Moores is looking to sell the team, which is even messier than normal because he is in the midst of a divorce and his wife has to approve any sale (though he says this part of the divorce should not create problems). I assume 2009 is totally shot, though that might have been a foregone conclusion anyway.


MSS 3:53 PM  

Isn't it good news for Padres fans that Moores is selling? Recent evidence suggests he has lost either interest or capacity to invest in the team. A new owner could hardly do a worse job at this point.

As for Peavy, when you are in full-on sale mode, it's hard to get your price. I imagine everyone assumes he's still going to be traded, and so other GMs are just waiting Towers out.

Greg Weeks 10:14 AM  

I am just concerned that salary trimming will become firesale with a new owner, but obviously it depends upon who it is. This may affect Peavy--my impression was that Moores was fine with keeping him another year if no good deal was found.

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