Monday, September 14, 2009

Undocumented immigrants and community college in NC

My op-ed on undocumented immigrants and community college was just published in the News & Observer.


leftside 2:27 AM  

Why the focus just on community colleges? Don't all State colleges treat immigrants differently and unfairly in NC (having to pay out o state tuition)?

Defensores de Democracia 6:30 PM  

Some Elementary Economics :

"Youth, Divine Treasure !"

Human Beings are the best Treasure of a Nation.

Youth is a Great Treasure for the United States or any nation.

All ages are an asset for a nation. Even Old People are an asset because of Experience, Culture, Advice, Counsel, Knowledge, Wisdom, etc ...

Children and Youngsters are particularly important. They are a Super Capital that has to be educated and trained.

For any American that thinks as a Mathematician, without Racial Biases, without Ethnic Prejudices, then it is crystal clear that All American Youngsters should be educated the best that America can.

The Nations thar resort to Expulsions, Evictions, Dislodgements, Dispossessions always self inflict damage to their Economies and Cultures.

The Progroms of the Spanish and Russian Empires did horrible damage to the Soul of those nations before grave crisis, like Big Enemies, Wars, Revolutions, etc ... When the crisis struck the Empires were weak.

Not to educate youngsters is the gravest economic mistake. They are potential Engineers, Scientists, Doctors, Nurses, Psychiatrists ( very necessary now ), Psychologists, employees for hospitals and madhouses.

They are the Future Economists, Politicans, and Presidents of the USA. Not to educate is very grave.

Imagine that Mr Obama was denied education in Hawai and the Continent. A Great Asset would have been lost.

You don't stimulate an Economy by diminishing the customers or clients, by killing demand, or by denying education to the Potential Economic Human Powerhouses.

And increasing troops and escalating wars at the same time that you kick out people is the ultimate in Madness !! ( because Armies need manpower and Youth ! )

Some Numbers, Figures, Statistics, Demographies, Polls, etc :

Vicente Duque

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