Thursday, September 03, 2009

Zelaya's promise to return (again)

After meetings in Washington, Mel Zelaya said that he was planning to return to Honduras if negotiations did not work out: "I am going to return to the country, to be with the people. I am organizing myself for this moment, which will come sooner rather than later." He also referred vaguely to using "fighting strategies" to do so.

The State Department indicated this was unhelpful. I disagree. I think it is irrelevant. I think most people will ignore Zelaya because he has said something like that over and over, without doing anything. It's been a month since he did the cross-border two step.

Perhaps at some point Zelaya's patience will actually run out, and he will risk bodily harm to return. But saying so repeatedly without acting makes it seem less likely.

Days since the coup: 67
Days until the scheduled presidential election: 87


jeffkramerak 9:40 PM  

great, now the hundurans are gonna come all to the USA to take over and try to make the USA a little Honduras, this will never end, and they will cont. to expect us to learn Spanish instead of them learning English. A stop must be put to this...Terrible.

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