Saturday, September 05, 2009

Uribe and Chávez

In the midst of all the anti-Chávez marches (including here in Charlotte) it is interesting to note the results of recent Gallup polls from Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela.

"Uribe is more popular than Chavez ... Chavez can count on the sympathy of 29% of the Ecuadorians, but Uribe has 37% and President [Rafael] Correa obtained 51% in the last week," Cedatos-Gallup director Polivio Cordova told television network Teleamazonas.

Uribe is even popular in Venezuela.

In Colombia, Uribe is approved of by 69% of the interviewed, Correa only by 13% and Chavez by 14%.

In Venezuela, Chavez is only barely more popular than his Colombian counterpart. 48% of the Venezuelans said to approve of their leader, while 46% were positive about Uribe. Correa can count on the sympathy of 3% of the Venezuelans.


Slave Revolt,  9:58 AM  

Greg, why you insist on dissiminating really, really, really, biased polling is interesting. Is this part of what you have to do to get tenure?

So we are to believe that Uribe's austerity and paramilitary terror against indigenous people, labor unions, and the program of selling out resources to the transnationals is more popular than developing grass roots democracy, protecting the national patrimony, making education and healthcare universal, etc.--we are really supposed to believe that Chavez's general leftist reforms are less popular than Uribe's neoliberal sell-out to the murderous, pillaging empire.

Come on, dude. And you are supposed to represent our educated elite?

Well, I guess you do--inasmuch as the intelligensia forms the backbone, the apologia, for centuries old pillage, dispossession, ecocide, and enslavement.

Suffice it to say that this polling way over-represents comprador elite opinion. More, in a deathsquad 'democracy' like Colombia, when men with ties ask you if you like Chavez....well, if you don't get the picture here Greg you simply don't want to.

But, again and again, it is pretty clear that your framing of issues is congruent with imperial goals.

But, far be it from me to impune your 'objectivity' (my god, that that term even has currency should say something about the level of seriousness and honesty in the social 'sciences' LOL).

So everyone is peachy with Colombian deathsquad 'democracy'?--then why is the region drifting to the left in their rejection of US influence and the neoliberal austerity that demands outright corporate pillage and mass peonage?

This framing by an intellectual class that ensures poor whites see universal health insurance as a communist, Castro-inspired, plot.

More Axe 12:51 PM  

Exactly, Slave Revolt. This is the same polling outfit that pegged Noboa to beat Correa handily in the runoff a few years ago. Utter bullshit.

Slave Revolt,  1:31 PM  

Yeah, but why publicize this dubious polling?

Yes, there is a goal or a logic to exert any amount of energy, toward conveying 'information'.

Information sets the parameters of the 'work that is to be done'.

So the work that is to be done is to stop the left-progressive reforms that are challenging US-backed corporate power--to continue the status quo of wage slavery and ecological pillage.

The status quo is thouroughly undemocratic, despite the formal going through the motions of voting for representatives that do nothing but continue their immiseration and ecological pillage.

Evidently, Greg seeks to protect status quo and status quo ante US projections of power in the region.

Why else present and frame questionable information that functions to distort the unfolding dynamics (that are strongly trending toward challenging US-backed neoliberal proscriptions and that are striving to expand grass roots democratic empowerment)?

What irks is that Greg is smarmy and not honest about his biases and goals.

But, to be fair, political science as an disengaged academic excersise in the United States is heavily vested in perpetuating a profoundly undemocratic and inhumane economic and military order on the peoples of the Americas.

If political scientists engaged their work with the goal of developing a healthy US society then we wouldn't have university educated people yacking on and on about Obama's communist plot to reform the US disease management system. Such talk would be met with derision and laughter.

Profits trump the truth across the board in US society--and the US academy is central toward protecting undemocratic corporate power and the imperialst project.

In empires, the intelligenia are bascially cowardly and/or cynical. The best, most ethically healthy among US academics strive to keep thier heads down so as not be hounded out of the institution.

Defensores de Democracia 5:45 PM  

Mr Weeks :

Thanks for Interesting data. I know that Gallup is constantly polling in these countries and depends on Veracity, Truthfulness and Conformity to fact.

Otherwise Gallup Polls would have no credibility, Gallup depends on powerful customers that need to be fed with Truth and not with Lies.

I can help with the data for Colombia : The Population knows what is a Civil War, what is Violence, what is Evil in the FARC camouflage.

I do not deny that the Colombian Armed Forces have committed abuses but most officers are clean and honest. Whereas the FARC lives on Sadism, Brutality, Murder, Kidnapping and horrible brutal Crimes against Children, Women and the Old ( Land Mines in Agricultural Fields, etc .... )

No wonder that the Colombians support Legality and Legitimacy and that they reject the scoundrels that have helped the FARC with Money, Weapons, Sanctuary, Protection in their own territories, etc ...

They are choosing Peace over War and Violence.

I don't have the slightest doubt of the Honesty and Decency of Gallup everywhere. And that is not the only Polling Corporation that gives high results for Uribe.

Many different polls by others always give the same results.

Thank Chavez and Correa for the Big Popularity of Uribe in the three countries.

The popularity of Uribe is excessive thanks to the Hypocrites and their Lies and Machinations. To resist Evil people turn their hearts to whoever can defend them : Uribe and include the USA radars, airplanes, satellites, drones or robot airplanes, etc .... ( this won't be American Soldiers in battlegear, but Radar Technicians, Reading Photography, Flying Drone Solos from afar, etc ... )

Vicente Duque

Nell 5:57 PM  

@Vicente Duque: if only your commitment to reality were as deep as your commitment to capitalization.

@Greg: OT - Since you have a sidebar item on the growth of productivity in our jobless "recovery", you might be interested in these related data, on the growing gap between productivity and wages.

Justin Delacour 7:00 PM  

In the midst of all the anti-Chávez marches (including here in Charlotte)

Ah, yes, what a success! AP reports that a whopping 12 people gathered for this in Sao Paulo.

It's a good thing that AP had four correspondents covering this truly momentous movement.

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