Friday, September 11, 2009

Who coups?

The left blames the U.S. for Mel Zelaya's overthrow, and now Roberto Micheletti himself felt the need to deny that the U.S. is going to overthrow him. Apparently there are rumors of U.S. military planes flying around. He even went so far as to say that if there was an invasion, "I would be the first to know." Good for him! As ms at Honduras Coup 2009 points out, if this was a rumor started by the opposition, it was quite effective.

All rumors of U.S. involvement presuppose that the Obama administration cares much about Honduras. It doesn't. The gradual sanctions show that the administration really wants this crisis to solve itself without its involvement.


Slave Revolt,  10:41 AM  

Greg, you are naive at best, and a cynical propagandist, at worst.

The US cares greatly about the move to the left in the Americas--and it is quite likely that they approved the coup.

Part of the great game is to pretend that they don't support the coup government. What we know for certain is that left popular movements they really hate with a criminal passion.

The US is moti aged by power and profit--period.

On a cultural/plitical level, the functioaries in the state department cultivate an affinity with comprador elites, and veiw as trouble-makers the popular classes that militate for social justice (the same dynamics that exist here in the US.

Of course, there are indiv iduals that make for exceptions, like the types that pass info to help the empire's enemies/victims protect themselves.

Power and profit and a hard dick that knows no scruples or basic ethics. Use history as a guide when engaging in conjecture, and don't idealize a diseased culture at has no qualms about snuffing out innocents to advance it squalid goals.

No, the empire is not monolithic, but people with a heAlthy sense of ethics are pretty rare.

Anonymous,  4:56 PM  

This is interesting. It seems remittances back to Honduras have picked up, pretty different from what's happening elsewhere in the region.

Anonymous,  9:00 PM  

Oh Dear Me!! "Slave Revolt" you have missed the point entirely.

I am sure there are better forums for you to try to sell your agenda than here. Your use of the statement to "use history as a guide" as the foundation to your bitter diatribe is about 3 planets wide of the mark.

Ethics does enter into it but you are on bleating into an empty void here. Unless you consider it ethical for a President (Honduras President - try to stay with me)to ignore the laws under which he was elected.

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