Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Zelaya and the State Department

Mel Zelaya is in DC to talk both with the OAS and the State Department:

The State Department official said the delegation is waiting to find out whether the interim government will change its hardline stance against a Costa Rica-brokered plan that would allow Mr. Zelaya to return to Honduras and complete his term.

Um, what? The coup government announced yesterday that Zelaya could not return as president, would get no amnesty, and there would no third choice as president. But it is making enough of an appearance of negotiation to keep draaaaaaaagging it out.

Days since the coup: 65
Days until the scheduled presidential election: 89


Anonymous,  9:46 AM  

Good for Honduras! Zelaya changed his stripes once he won the elections and moved over to the left with Hugo Chavez and his acolytes of the ALBA group.

Zelaya tried to trample on the Honduran constitution to make it possible for him to remain as de facto dictator as has been done in Nicaragua, Bolivia, Venezuela and the rest of the ALBA cabal.

Honduras has the right to self determination and they offer Zelaya a fair trial. "Do the crime, make the time." And they will obviously not be intimidated or coerced by interventionist pressures from Chavez, Obama, or from where ever.

Honduras stands proud and points the way to other languishing nations of Latin America who have falled under the boot of socialism.

It's better to stand strong and on your feet for one day, than to be on your knees for a hundred.

I only wish I were Honduran, they have inspired me.

jeffkramerak 9:45 PM  

great, now the hundurans are gonna come all to the USA to take over and try to make the USA a little Honduras, this will never end, and they will cont. to expect us to learn Spanish instead of them learning English. A stop must be put to this...Terrible.

Anonymous,  5:20 PM  

jeffkramerak, what the hell are you talking about! Do you talk like when you fart... just a symptom of a lurking bowel movement?

La Gringa 8:41 PM  

Interesting that you never report any of Zelaya's interviews where he states his plans to continue with the constitutional assembly (a violation of the accord which he claims to agree with) and that he plans to put everyone who he considers a golpista in prison for the rest of their lives (another violation of the accord). He has no intention of complying with the San José Accord.

Anonymous,  9:57 AM  

To the previous post. And are any of Zelaya's comments and plans surprising to anyone? The guy is a Castro/Chavez acolyte who would do anything to become another of those lifetime ALba tin horn dictators.

Thank heaven that we are all waking up to reality that no matter their stated color, humans are by nature greedy and altruism is only the means to fool the populace and gain political power. Castro's 50 year dynasty stands as a beacon that that truth.

Anonymous,  10:04 AM  

Show an illegal alien a 15 foot wall and he'll show you a 16 foot ladder. Back home they all state to hate the good ole USA, but here's where they all seem to come. Never hear of Cuba having an illegal immigration problem do you...

Most of the mismangaged countries south of the border have as their priciple export, their people heading north, and their top means of foreign currency is the money the illegals send back home to their families who haven't come up north yet.

What we need is a DMZ on our southern border, like the one between North and South Korea.

America thrives on immigration, but we are a land of laws. What part of "illegal" is so hard to understand.

Anonymous,  10:36 AM  

The problem with the FMLN is that any competent people they had 30 years ago have either passed away or have stepped aside. Those left are the geriatric militants who really couldn't find an honest job outside of that leftist affiliation. Everyone know that the communists are behind the FMLN, what is still unclear is who is behind the communists?

Remember that Fidel Castro is already smelling of floral wreaths, and his brother, Raul, isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. With Fidel will also go that regime. And then we have the personification of a chararrote, Hugo Chavez, who is more rabble and bluster than politician. And all he can devise are different ways to flush the Venezuelan oil wealth down the toilet. Now he's on a military hardware buying spree in Russia...
What a sick joke for that country.

Anonymous,  10:40 AM  

The principle concern should be that these small vulnerable countries will fall prey to the drug cartels. Perhaps the drug wars cannot be won, but they can be contained and should be.

It's not the socialist republics of Central America that concern me, but rather the narco republics of Central America. Drugs are the excrement of the devil.

Anonymous,  1:36 PM  

Seems that the ousted wanna-be commie dictator of Honduras, Zelaya, is finally taking his smart pills... and supposedly isn't going to join his lap dog collegues in the coming high level ALBA meeting in Venezuela.

If you study the body language and demeaner of the ALBA lackeys, it's easy to se the correlation between them and what the Spanish dictionary defines as "chusma." These lack luster clowns clearly personify the meaning of the word.

Anonymous,  11:39 AM  

Yes, there are three powers in El Salvador; the president, Mauricio Funes and his friends; the geriatric FMLN militant holdouts from the civil war of the 1980's; and the tatooed thugs of the mara Salvatrucha.

This country has become with all impunity, 'murder city.'

Anonymous,  2:10 PM  

The homicide rate in this Massachusetts size country is sixteen daily. And the Civilian Police, ...fine thank you. No wonder all those exasperated people head Stateside. We build a fifteen fool wall and they show up with a sixteen fool ladder!

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