Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bachelet's numbers

Adimark offers up the last approval numbers for Michelle Bachelet, taken after the earthquake.  She is at a mindbogglingly high 84% despite all the criticisms levied at her (note, importantly, that the hardest hit areas could not be reached because phones were out).  75% approve of her handling of the earthquake.  Robert Funk appropriately writes a goodbye in El Mostrador to the Teflon Presidenta.  She is the Teflonest of the Teflons.  Even Ronald Reagan, for whom the term was coined, never got over 68 percent approval in his entire presidency.

I find it particularly odd that 75% also approve of the navy's response, even though it has been harshly criticized for not taking tsunami warnings seriously enough.  Further, 57% believe Sebastián Piñera will create one million new jobs.  Chileans are feeling optimistic, though I have to wonder whether all these numbers will be the same in another month or two.


Reed M. Kurtz 8:38 PM  

This reminds me of how Alvaro Uribe's approval ratings are always sky-high despite all the mass murders and human displacement that goes on in the countryside- sure helps when you only conduct your polling in your country's largest urban areas!

Jakob 6:16 PM  

see our look at this issue:

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