Sunday, March 28, 2010

Media bilingualism and immigration reform

Matthew Yglesias points to how Lindsey Graham spreads a different message about immigration depending on whether he is talking to English or Spanish language media:  "In English, Graham is threatening to blow up any hope of an immigration deal over the health care bill. In Spanish, not so much."

This is not new, and really deserves more analytical attention (or at least I am not aware of any empirical studies focusing on it).  I noted the issue during the presidential campaign, but I'd love to see an analysis of precisely how politicians fine tune their messages in the two languages and how much those messages may in fact contradict each other.  Do the two parties approach this issue in the same way?  Does one or the other diverge more in terms of their bilingual messages?  I would imagine that Republicans would diverge more, because their constituencies are much more divided on immigration.  Plus, the most rabid anti-immigrant constituency is not likely ever to know that a pro-immigration message was expressed in Spanish.


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