Monday, March 22, 2010

On to immigration reform

Advocates of immigration reform marched on Washington, and President Obama appeared in a video to show his support.  Now that health care reform has passed, there are two broad possibilities:

1.  In anticipation of mid-term elections, Obama backs off and allows Democrats to focus on re-election.

2.  He builds on the victory by seeking to go 2-for-2, with a newly found label as the president who goes beyond just talk and can get very big things done (see Steven Taylor for a good discussion of possible outcomes, though not related specifically to immigration).

Option #1 is most definitely conventional wisdom, and by far the safe bet.  But Option #2 is not yet off the table.


Kelby,  8:39 PM  

I would think there is a middle ground, where they let immigration simmer as a topic of discussion, maybe float a few proposals or drafts out there to generate interest...and then wait until after the elections to get serious, because many congressmen will be too concerned about reelection.

Would this be more like scenario one or scenario two?

Greg Weeks 7:06 AM  

That is really #1, as it has already been going on for a few months.

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