Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The U.S. and (inaudible) Argentina

Hillary Clinton met with Cristina Fernández in BA.  The press wanted to know all about the Falklands/Malvinas, and the upshot is really just that the U.S. will "encourage" both Britain and Argentina to engage in dialogue.  For some reason, though, Fernández's word were hard to pick up, so the word "inaudible" keeps appearing.  It's like Mad Libs, and especially funny if you insert obscenities.

And we also reasserted the historic commitment, the (inaudible) commitment of Argentina to fight against terrorism. As I always say, the U.S. and Argentina are the only two countries in all the (inaudible) that have suffered more than (inaudible). Therefore, both countries have a very strong commitment in this regard and we have reasserted such commitment. And we have also addressed our future participation in the meeting in Washington (inaudible).

And we’ve also talked about the problems of our region. At the end of the meeting, I also thanked her for making public those documents related to the dictatorship in Argentina. And we also requested the U.S. to (inaudible) the issue between Great Britain and (inaudible), so that we can sit down at the table and discuss sovereignty over (inaudible) Malvinas, taking into the interests of the inhabitants of the islands, as stated in the different resolutions adopted by (inaudible) from 1975 (inaudible).

And I (inaudible) to Madam Secretary. It’s been a very pleasant, very respectful (inaudible). She was a senator in – with the state of New York. I visited her in her office. And then we met at the Democratic Convention (inaudible). And on this occasion too, it’s been a very warm and friendly meeting.


Steven Taylor 1:07 PM  

That gave me a nice chuckle.


Anonymous,  3:36 AM  

Too [inaudible] funny.

cansarnoso 10:04 AM  

"And I (inaudible) to Madam Secretary"

inaudible, as in:
compared the cigars Fidel and Bill both gave me

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