Friday, August 13, 2010

Chuck Schumer and immigration

Two observations about the border security bill that Obama will sign today, and I've made both before.

First, this will not lure members of Congress to support immigration reform because they suddenly think you're "serious" about securing the border.  They will still oppose it.

Second, Chuck Schumer should not be the point man for immigration reform.  In March he was the one arguing simultaneously that illegal immigrants take away jobs, but somehow we need them to do so.  Now he is repeating the falsehood that the border is extremely violent, which study after study shows is untrue.

According to Schumer, the money will provide "the boots on the ground and the resources necessary to combat the crime and violence."  No.  The U.S. side of the border is not violent or crime-ridden.  And although the Mexican side has become more violent, U.S. boots can't hit the ground there.


Defensores de Democracia 10:51 AM  

The Hammer of Federal Judge Susan Bolton ( also called the gavel or mallet in Law ) has resounded in 50 states and has paralyzed the adrenaline of many evil hearts. Extragalactics in Vegas

The Arizona Legislature and Governor Jan Brewer made a big mistake :

They are in a legal battle against a Great Professor of Law of Chicago University ( Mr Obama ) .... that has a team of the best Legal Brains.

Power Poker Games with Shrewd Mr Obama : These Arizona Bigots put all the betting chips on the table in a foolish bluff called SB1070.

Mr Obama answered the bluff, raised the stakes and gathered all the chips on the table for his purse.

Jan Brewer and Russell Pearce :

Please do not go to Las Vegas, you will lose your underwear there.

And besides that, all the hoteliers and Tourist Business of Vegas are scared of Racist Laws that destroy business. Because Vegas does not care if you are Colored, Brown, Black or Red, as long as you lose your money there.

So the coalition of Hotels, Tourism, Conventions and Transportation has put a lot of money to stop any attempt at the Arizonization of Nevada.

Their motto : "What happens in Arizona, stays in Arizona".

If the extragalactics come to earth, Vegas will send paid taxis for them, and provide free whisky and sexy enticing young belles and beaus, so that the poor Aliens ( Legal or Illegal ) can lose their money.

Vicente Duque

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