Sunday, August 01, 2010

Borzutzky and Weeks, The Bachelet Government

is now out.  It is priced for libraries, but keep it in mind as a birthday or holiday present.  Nothing says "I love you" like an analysis of Chilean politics.


Randy Paul 11:46 AM  

Congratulations, Greg, but I think I'll look for it at the library or wait for the paperback. . .

Steven Taylor 9:19 AM  

Congrats! You have been quite the busy fellow!

mike a,  10:07 PM  

Congrats! However, what is with the book cover? It looks like the cover of a menu for a Chinese restaurant.

Mike Allison 11:58 PM  

Congrats and can I get some of your productivity?

Ernesto,  10:23 AM  

Could you post the table of contents?

Ernesto,  10:24 AM  

Could you post the table of contents?

Greg Weeks 3:36 PM  

I put the TOC in a new post.

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