Saturday, August 21, 2010

I had trouble in getting to immigration reform

I guess I'm glad to see Alberto Gonzales arguing for immigration reform, but his Washington Post op-ed is so vague as to be useless, and utopian to the point of caricature.  This lack of details is frustrating giving the fact that he was Attorney General and should be able to rattle them off.  Instead, we need a policy that is "robust," "fair," "practical," "streamlined," "enforceable," and "capable of effective implementation without enormous delays or many mistakes."

I just kept thinking about I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew, currently one of my daughters' favorites.  Gonzales envisions a place where there aren't any troubles, or at least very few.  But he does not explain how to get around the Skritz or the Skrink.


Anonymous,  10:37 AM  

Great to see you rooting for comprehensive immigration reform!
With extremely high unemployment, what a perfect time to legalize a vast number of new people low in skills and high in need. That’s a super idea. Throw all your struggling fellow citizens who have limited skills a curve ball!

Also, with our huge budget deficits putting our economy on the brink of a Greece-style disaster, giving millions more people full eligibility for all our government social services is really smart (especially since almost all illegals will join the 40% of people who pay no federal income taxes at all). Let’s add $120B to the deficit and that way we can say we were extra nice to people who broke our laws—what right do we have to keep poor people out anyway?

Another plus is that the folks we amnesty will become eligible to bring in their children, uncles, nieces, parents, etc. Plenty of those folks need kidney transplants and bypass surgery and so forth––we can pay for all that stuff too.

Finally, how clever to make sure our schools–already sinking in international comparisons–have lots more problem cases to challenge them! The Chinese are now turning out millions of smart engineering and computer science majors—but our ace in the hole will be this vast new army of unskilled immigrants who don't speak our language and in many cases, don’t even know how to turn on computers, much less program them. Just because no school in the US has figured out how to turn around the chronic achievement gap separating Mexican-American children from Asians and Whites—why should that discourage us from giving them millions more to deal with?

Yes, thanks for putting on your thinking cap and figuring out your country can make really smart policy choices.

Defensores de Democracia 6:23 PM  

Mr Weeks :

Today is a wonderful date, a beautiful evening in which the Democratic Primaries in Arizona are taking place.

I have been following the career of John Dougherty and Randy Parraz in my site MILENIALS.COM, two wonderful energetic dynamic young politicians. I have several videos filled with enthusiasm, two gentlemen of great intelligence, humanity, morals and rationality.

They are contesting for the U. S. Senate for Arizona.

We win with Dougherty or with Parraz - I have my champagne to uncork later in the night.

Because these are the guys to defeat John McCain - It is now time for this Old Senator to retire.

But unfortunately only one of them will face the "Maverick"

Youth, Minorities, Demography and Politics :

Vicente Duque

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