Thursday, August 12, 2010


FYI, if anyone writes a comment and it does not appear, I actually get it via email but apparently it does not always show up on the blog itself--I do not know why.  When this has happened in the past, the comment has shown up eventually.  I am not deleting anything.


leftside 1:20 AM  

let's give it up for Greg's liberal comment policy. too many good blogs have shut down freedom of speech - to the determent of their blogs.

Greg Weeks 8:54 AM  

Though in fact the Nicaragua comments have yet to post. The may just be lost in cyberspace, or will appear randomly.

Defensores de Democracia 3:35 PM  

Mr Weeks :

You have a lot of Kindness and Humanity and Zero Dictatorship.

It is OK for me if you ever delete some of my comments, because of Dark Humor, Inappropriate Remarks or Ugly Words about the Nazis, NeoNazis, philoNazis and CryptoNazis that are so abundant nowadays. I may be very aggressive or abusive against scoundrels and cowards.

You are the best guy in allowing comments, very generous and kind. But that does not mean that you have to allow everything.

I am very acid, acrid, sour. That is why I have a championship in being deleted, erased and scolded by moderators.

But I am never the Bad Guy insulting other readers, the articulist or editor.

In some of my blogs I have to erase tons of comments. And in others I have to put up with some enemies that I do not erase and that are becoming softer and mellower in tone.

Some of the theories of my enemies are so absurd and "contra natura" ... that I wonder if they live in another galaxy and planet.

Thanks for your blog, and forgive some crazyness.

My advice for myself : Post only where you admire people and where you consider them as intelligent.

Vicente Duque

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