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A shootout with no winners

Just two days ago I wrote about how the Arizona law is a sign of everyone's failures.  Roberto Suro, who has been researching and writing about immigration for years, wrote an excellent op-ed for the Washington Post, beginning with the following:

Arizona's immigration law was never going to solve the problem of illegal immigration. That is not its purpose. Instead it is an invitation to a shootout in which there will be no winners. It is more of a provocation than an attempt to enact policy, and as a protest against Washington's failure to fix a broken immigration system, it resonates.

It's a very well-written piece.  An immigration system that functions properly must balance a wide variety of interest, but as he argues it must also consider what is good for the country as a whole:

Immigration policy needs to be about a lot of things, including national identity and security, but right now it needs to be about getting the economy's pulse up and improving our global economic competitiveness. These challenges are macro. The Arizona law offers micro solutions. It argues that immigration can be a law enforcement matter and pushes the decision-making down to the state and local level. That's a false hope regardless of where you stand on the issue, but it's a false hope that has struck a chord with many Americans.


Defensores de Democracia 2:07 PM  

Videos of John Dougherty, White and Blond, with Brown Latinos in protest, Democrat Candidate for United States Senate for Arizona - Tucson Weekly Endorses John Dougherty - Misuse of Taxpayer Money by McCain and Arpaio to become rich or richer

The Worst Journalistic Enemy of Arpaio and McCain showing their wrongdoings. John Dougherty wants to go to the U. S. Senate.

From a family of the Military, John Dougherty wanted always to be a journalist to fight for what is Right and for Justice, he is now an award winning Journalist and is endorsed by Newspapers and Journalists.

He has fought against John McCain for bad deeds of that Senator. He has gone to Senate Committees to fight these wrongdoers "The Keating Five" without fear of Powerful and Rich ( by marriage ) John McCain. Wrong use of Taxpayers Money.

Governor Brewer, "What part of "unconstitutional"Don't you understand ?"
Arpaio has ignored many court orders to violate constitutional rights.
He clearly targets people on color of skin.
Defeating the Axis of Hysteria in Arizona.
SB1070 needs to be repealed.
Worst enemy of Arpaio.
He has sued Arpaio many times as a plaintiff.
Arpaio has abused this man with police force.ç
Arpaio has become very rich with bad use of Taxpayers Money. He has many hidden investments. Arpaio is stopping the journalistic investigations of his wrongdoings.

Candidate for U. S. Senate John Dougherty himself speaks in these videos with Latinos :

Look for John Dougherty in

Or watch his videos here :

Youth, Minorities, Demography and Politics :

Vicente Duque

ConsDemo 7:02 PM  

From the article.

Our framework for thinking about immigration starts with the idea that the country can be sealed and that government can stand at the entries deciding who gets in.

This gets to the crux of the anti-immigration argument. They assume that government could simply block all illegal immigration if it wanted to. Actually, it could probably block almost all of it if we became a police state on the order of the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany. However, that would require 1) chucking civil rights laws or 2) making everyone, regardless of appearance, go through routine searches and screenings in their homes and workplaces. Neither of those two is going to happen. So, the right-wing socialists who make up the anti-immigration movement can perpetually complain the government isn't "doing its job" by holding an impossible standard.

Defensores de Democracia 11:16 AM  

I criticize all the Media for not telling Important News :

Why the New York Daily News ( Super Excellent and Liberal Newspaper ) mistitles the condemnation of Arizona by New York City Council ?? - Look at the Forum with many Angry People against the City Council - My Big List of Condemner Cities

This amazes me : New York Daily News is one of the best Newspapers in the World, it informs what everybody else hides, it is indeed very liberal and defends the rights of the weak and downtrodden.

New York Daily News has the best Ladies and Gentlemen reporting and giving opinions, I love this Newspaper.

The Important News is titled as "New York City Council refuses to boycott Arizona".

But this is not 100% true as the City Council forbids travel to Arizona paid by the New York City taxpayers, and is going to pay fees and expenses to help the lawsuits against Arizona Racist Laws.

These News are not good for Arizona, and the proof of my assertion is a Forum filled with angry people against the Council of New York.

And tell me why the media ignores the most important city in America and perhaps in the World ( in Money and Trade ! ) .... Nobody pays attention to these events. TV Stations are silent !

A condemnation of Arizona is extremely important and has a lot of meaning, even if it is light and even if the town has only 5,000 people.

But a condemnation by New York City Council ??? -- And everybody and his aunt ignores these News ??

The News has spread this way : "New York City Council denies Boycott of Arizona".

This is 100% wrong !
New York Daily News
This is a Forum of New Yorkers :
Council Speaker Christine Quinn refused to allow a vote on a general boycott of Arizona, so members approved a ban against Council employees using public funds to travel to the Grand Canyon State.

Forum :

My Growing List of City Condemners :

Ann Arbor MI, Austin TX, Amherst MA, Baltimore MD, Berkeley CA, Boston MA, Bloomington IN, Boulder CO, Brownsville TX, Burlington VT, Calexico CA, Chula Vista CA, Coachella CA, Chicago IL, Columbus OH, Cook County IL ( Chicago is inside ), Durham NC, El Paso TX, Fulton County GA, Gallup NM, Hartford CT, Hayward CA, Inwood NY, Kansas City MO, Los Angeles City CA, Los Angeles County CA, Lucas County OH ( Toledo inside ), Monterey County CA, New York City Council, New York State Senate ( in Albany NY ), Oakland CA, Pasadena CA, Paterson NJ, Portland OR, Richmond CA, San Antonio TX, San Diego CA, San Jose CA, San Pablo CA, Santa Ana CA, St. Paul MN, Santa Monica CA, San Francisco CA, Seattle WA, Tacoma WA, Washington DC, West Hollywood CA, etc ...

Vicente Duque

Greg Weeks 2:45 PM  

@ConsDemo Yes, not to mention a massive--and I mean massive--amount of money.

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