Monday, July 12, 2010

Economic recovery and border crossings

If you are surprised at the following, then you may have your head in the sand or perhaps you are Jan Brewer:  as the U.S. economy slowly improves, the number of border crossings between San Diego and Mexico has started to hold steady or increase after several years of decline.

These are official counts of legal crossings, but there can be no doubt that illegal crossings are rising in parallel, regardless of state laws, real or virtual, fences, or unmanned drones.


Anonymous,  10:57 AM  

Has someone done a time-series model of the determinants of immigration? Seems like an appropriate way to address the question.

Greg Weeks 11:16 AM  

Yes, there are tons. Gordon Hanson is one of the more prominent. But policy makers tend to think that current conditions are somehow different from the past, so that we'll see different results.

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